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Top 50+ Whatsapp Status 2020 | Quotes, Sms & Status

Here we present to share each and every kind of Whatsapp status on our website for our readers. We all know that every person within a week or in a day change Whatsapp status therefore, it is a little bit hard for them to form a new Whatsapp status daily because of this reason we are sharing these Whatsapp statuses with all people.

Nowadays, Whatsapp is the ultimate way to share your feeling through status with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. I think each and every person who is using a multimedia device like android, IOS, Windows mobile phones, or every internet user is busy in Whatsapp and in updating their Whatsapp status.

Best Whatsapp Status For His/Her

1. To feel sorry for the needy is not the true mark of a human being – “to help them is”

2. An excuse is worse than a lie, Bcoz it is a guarded lie.

3. When your signature Bcomes an autograph that is real success.

4. Children r great comfort in your old age – N they help U reach it faster, Too!

5. Crossing the worst situations is the only way to touch D best corners of life.

6. Every day may not B superb, but there’s always something good in every day.

7. A +ve attitude is a person’s passport 2 a better 2morrow.

8. Trees get uprooted, but D simple grass survives Bcoz its down to earth, Noble & humble.

9. Worrying doesn’t decrease yesterday’s regret, but it wash out today’s strength.

10. Everyone have to challenge the changes, not change the challenges.

11. Courage is also important when U sit down & listen.

12. Courage is needed to stand up & speak.

13. If U desires to blossom like a rose in D garden, 1st you have to learn D art of adjusting with D thorns.

14. 10 two letter sentence can change Ur life if understood correctly: IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.

15. Although D tongue weighs very little, very few people R able to hold it.

16. Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

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17. All D problems in D World R created by those who want perfection.

18. Patience is not much about waiting; it is more about how 1 behaves while waiting.

19. Here’s D world’s smallest truth about truth: Truth hurts…so people lie.

20. Pride is an overestimation of self by reason of self-love.

21. What faster than a coin rolling down a steep slope?

22. If a cat crosses U, it means that Cat is also going somewhere.

23. They drag U down 2 their Lvl, then beat U with their experience.

24. U will not B punished 4 Ur anger, but U will B Punished by Ur anger.

Funny Whatsapp Status – Latest Collection

1. Plan Ur future in advance Bcoz that is where U will spend D rest of Ur life.

2. If nobody is der 2 hurt U, U will never know D person who cares 4 U.

3. Who is most time-consuming in making a promise, is D most truthful in fulfilling it.

4. If U are not profitable U cannot afford the future and if U are not innovative U have no future.

5. Life is not a rehearsal of a play. Each day is new. So give your best shot, as D show must go on.

6. For every bird, god provides food but not in their nest.

7. It takes time to save the time.

8. Earlier we used to cast our vote in elections.  These days we vote for a caste.

9. We will be successful when delivering the best is the only option & not one of the options.

10. Please do not seem to understand that their view of D world is also a confession of character.

11. The price of one year’s of fast living is ten years of regret.

12. We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves.

13. The heaviest things you carry are grudges.

14. Never expect gratitude. In case U gets it, be pleasurably shocked.

15. Challenges R what make life exciting; overcome them is what makes life meaningful.

16. A rich person is not the one who has the most, but who needs the least.

17. We get rich not by treasures in our banks, but by D treasures, we bank in the hearts of others.

18. Do ordinary stuff in an extraordinary manner.

19. Forgiveness is the sweet scent that a flower gives when it is being crushed.

20. There is always another change in life for everything, but there is no chance of another life.

21. Always look back with satisfaction and look ahead with confidence.

22. If U want a share of the fame, U have got 2 B willing 2 take a share of the blame.

Best Cool Whatsapp Status For You

There is not good or bad in this world, but our thinking makes it so.

2. A discussion is swapping of knowledge & an argument is an exchange of anger.

3. 90% problems of life are due to the tone of voice and not what you say.

 4. Face every trouble with enthusiasm as if Ur survival depended on it.

5. Most people with to serve god – but in an advisory capacity only.

6. There is no other way to get out of the shit storm except through it.

7. The meaning of good or bad, of better worse, is simply helping or hurting.

8. It works only when it is in an open mode.

9. Never give the help of tears to your feelings; never give the help of your tongue to your rage.

10. Tongue takes 3 years to learn how 2 use it.

11. But a lifetime 2 learn where & when to your it.

 12. Keep your eyesight 2 the light & you cannot see the shadows.

13. When U want something sturdily, the universe conspires to ensure U get it.

 14. Look back with happiness, & look ahead with confidence.

 15. Keep all your troubles in your pockets, but be sure that your pocket has a hole in it.

16. Peoples are not against you; they are merely for themselves.

 17. The easiest way to obtain self-confidence is to do exactly what you are fearful to do.

18. People will believe anything if you whisper it.

19. Never give the help of tongue to your anger.

.20. I am interested in a return of money than the return on money.

21. A little dot can stop a large sentence, but few more dots can give continuity…

22. Regret for wasted time is more wastage of time.

23. Ur destiny is not what U get but what U make out of what U get.

24. Winning a war either on a battlefield or a heated argument can never decide who is right.

25. When U R feeling stressed, only remember: STRESSED equals to DESSERTS, spelled backward.

26. The size of man can be measured by the size of the thing that makes him angry.

27. Punctuality is not about valuing time but valuing commitment.

28. We train even a dog to behave in a proper manner.

 29. As soon as U mention something, if it is good, it is taken.

Best Hindi Whatsapp Status

1. kahaaniyo ke hakdaar nahi,
etihaas ke vaarasdaar hain # ham !!

2. gumaan n kar apne dimaag pe mere dost ,
jitnaa teraa dimaag he utnaa to meraa dimaag kharaab rehtaa he !!

3. n kahaa karo har baar ki ham chhod denge tumko,
n ham etne aam hain, n ye tere bas ki baat hai…!!

4. bhaai ki pahonch #dilli se lekar #kabrastaan tak hain ,
aavaaj dilli tak jaati hain or #dushman kabrastaan tak ।

5. meri khaamosi ko kamjori naa samajh
ai kaaphir ,,
gumnaam samandar hi khauph laataa hai ।

6. ham aahir he, pyaar se maang lo
‘ jaan haajir ‘ ।
varnaa talvaaron se etihaas likhnaa
hamaari parampraa he ।।

7. maan ne kahaa thaa kabhi kisikaa dil mat todnaa,,
esalia hamne dil ko chhod ke baaki sab todaa !!

8. hamaari goli jaan nahi leti bos,,
dusro ke andar jaanavar jagaa deti he ।

9. kyaa kare buri aadat he hamaari ,,
nark ke darvaaje ke saamne khde hokar paap karte he !!

10. kutte bhonkte he apnaa vajud banaaye rakhne ke liye ,,
aur logo ki khaamoshi hamaari maujudgi bayaa karti he ।।

11. tevar to ham vakt aane pe dikhaayenge ,,
shaher tum kharidlo us par hukumat ham chalaayenge…!!!

12. sher khud apni taakat
se raajaa kehlaataa hai;
jangal me chunaav nahi hote.. ।।

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